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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

  TWilight INSanity

TWilight INSanity or sometimes called "Twins" is the sequel from Alternative Sphere. Set in the year 2110, or ten years after the incident in Alternative Sphere, the virtual city Irunetto facing threat from unknown hijacker. There's a special attack called "tension attack" which enable you give more damage. This game also featuring multiple ending depending the stages and the hero you choose.Download Link

Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Sin Cyber Grand Prix 2 -

In the future a super computer named "Asurada" developed by Sugo Corporation is targeted by Smith, who wants to use it as military weapon. Since designed for racing, this computer can increase the potential for drivers and reduce the risk of accidents. Now is your chance to experience the awesomeness "Asurada" and compete with other super cars. This game is the final version from Project YNP and based on famous anime "Future GPX Cyber Formula." Featuring sleek futuristic machines, boost engine system, responsive controls and cool graphics that supports up to 1600 x 1200 resolution. Will you ready to face this challenge? Will you reach the top position? So, brace yourself!
Download Link


Lillian Fantasy

Lillian Fantasy is a crossover game that was released at Comiket 67 event. This game combines either SHMUPS and RPG elements from Square Enix's Final Fantasy. In battle scene, camera will highlight and zoom automatically on a character who launch a special attack. Each time beating an opponent, player's status will increase which makes it able to perform more powerful attacks. This is a parody game from Maria-sama ga Miteru anime, where the music is done by indie developer Mintjam who also worked on another doujin fighting game Million Knights Vermillion. Download Link

TWilight refrAIN

TWilight refrAin or sometimes called "TWAIN" is the sequel from TWilight INSanity. Featuring new characters and story, but still in vertical style based SHMUPS. Multiple ending can be found here by decision points which is influenced by the player performance. 

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel C75 

The story in this game began after a group of Dark Magi formed a secret organization called the Black Cross. Now is the duty of Freudia Neuwahl under the orthodox church to overcome this problem. Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel was originally published with the trial status in Comiket 73. In this game Freudia does not copy a defeated opponent's weapons as it did by Spiritia on first Rosenkreuzstilette. Freudia will develop his own technique which makes her similar to Zero characters in Rockman X series. This game originally scheduled to be launched at Comiket 78 2010. But [erka: es] to postpone it and it is estimated would be published in 2011.Download link

Youyou Kengeki Musou C79 Preview Ver.

Youyou Kengeki Musou which means "Bewitched Dream Weapon" is a hack n' slash game that puts Youmu Konpaku as protagonist. The games storyline is uncertain, but from the gameplay's mechanics can be concluded that this game was inspired by Nihon Falcom's Y's series. In addition to regular sword attack, Konpaku can perform special attacks in limited number.This game was first launched in Comiket 79 2010 in trial status. With sharp and very nice graphics quality, making this game equal to commercial console games.Download Link

Touhou Splinter Cell Code: R

In this game you will play as agent Reimu along with Marisa as her assistant. In a secret mission, they must save a boat that was hijacked by a group of terrorists. This game is a spin-off from stealth action games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell Series. Like the original game, you can use the action as a spy in hiding, hanging or moving enemy. 

Full Mokou ni Shiteyanyo!

In this game you'll play as Fujiwara no Mokou in a beat'em up action game. Player will be equipped with a single button to launch combo and charge attack. Another ability is double jump and dash. Simple and fun, this game consist of 4 levels. Before continue to the next screen player must clear all the enemies there. Full Mokou ni Shiteyanyo! was published on Comiket 79 2010.Download Link

Ein Naturkatastrophe Dulzinea - Heart Beat!!

The world is plagued by extreme weather events! From several investigations, this abnormal weathers comes from China. Ein Naturkatastrophe is a traditional Japanese SHMUPS where player will control wind power "typhoon," which are portrayed in a teenage girl. Your task is to beat the other four girls who represent the weather elements.
Download Link

Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack

The story begins after Megaman is defeated and kidnapped by Dr. Wily. Has no other choice, Dr. Light sends Roll Casket to investigate and save her brother. In this game player will fight against eight robot masters. Just like the original version, player will take the opponent's weapon to be used against another boss. Also, some of robot masters from the original series can be found here. Please note this is a doujin game and not endorsed by Capcom as copyright holder. Download Link

Eclosion - Phase of Sky and Earth

In the future, earth facing great danger from the outer space. "Project Eclosion," a mass destruction weapon from unknown source is threaten mankind. As a pilot of the Earth Defence Force, soar your jet and destroy the core of Eclosion. This doujin game featuring 6 levels that can be chosen from the beginning, 2 types of aircraft and nice music.
Download Link 

Doujin Game Release 2011-2010

Another Apocalypse II Dual Pagan - C80 Preview Ver.

"Dual Pagan" is the sequel of the first Another Apocalypse which was released on Comiket 78 2010. The story is set around the year 20XX AD when earth is overpopulated with humans that lead annihilation by "gods." To play this game change your OS language into Japanese locale is recommended. This sequel is still a trial version and published in the Comiket 80 in 2011.
Download Link

Naruto Shinobi Breakdown - Preview Ver.

Naruto Shinobi Breakdown is fanmade doujin fighting game based on popular Masashi Kishimoto's anime and manga Naruto. Six ninja Konohagakure can be selected: Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and of course Uzumaki Naruto. In this early preview only two game modes are available: training and beat em' all. Fortunately this is a real PC version and not emulator or MUGEN, therefore a must play for those who seek Naruto games on PC. Download Link

Satori Network Hartmann Exe - C80 Preview Ver.

"Hartmann" is an action game which is adapted from Capcom's Rockman Exe series in Game Boy Advance. In this early preview version player will choose their opponent along with carried weapons. The fight will takes place in a grid arena, where each player alternating attack and defense. This preview version was released on Comiket 80 2011, while the full version planned to be released on Comiket 81 2012. Download Link

  War of Human Tanks

The story started two decades since humans developed early human tanks. Now Commander of the Empire were urged to unify all of Japan. War of Human Tanks is tactical simulation where players are asked to select their unit, placing it in grid rows and determine units that defend or attack. This is the first game of Human Tanks series which was officially released on Comiket 77 2008. Before playing this game change Windows OS into Japanese locale is mandatory.

Touhou Sky Arena - Hayate

"Hayate" is a patch where player will get two additional characters: Sanae and Aya. Both can be used in any mode except Arcade Mode. Beside new characters, this update version includes several additional new soundtracks. For the first time, Hayate patch appears on circle's official site in August and officially announced on Comiket 80 in 2011.

Hinokakera - Chaotic Eclipse

In the future humans live in the corner of the world with 99% of population has lost both hope and spirit. However, several person with "magic" ability was expected to be a beacon of hope for humanity. Fight your destiny in this long awaited sequel of Hinokakera series, Chaotic Eclipse. Featuring new characters and moves, this doujin game was released in Comiket 79 2010.
Download Link

Egocentric Embroilers

"This is a story about a high school girl who love cheese curry large size. A story of stupid fellows who was embroiled in a stupid incident..."

Play as Sayuki Asakura, a high school student who inadvertently must deliver a mysterious package. Egocentric Embroilers is a 6 levels 3D SHMUPS game where player control a car like vehicle in high speed mode. Since enemy attacks comes from all directions, player can rotate their vehicle. Unlike Touhou SHMUPS, in this game bullet patterns are random. To overcome this challenge, player can use sword to deflect bullets.


BB Beat - Revolve (Plus Update Patch)

Big Bang Beat is a 2D fighting game based on "Daibanchou Big Bang Age" visual novel by Alicesoft. After success with "1st Impression" now the sequel with "Revolve" label hit Japanese market. In Revolve the developer use "edge enhancement" graphic engine which commonly applied in emulator. Therefore, the visual and effect looks much better. This game has 3 standard modes: Story Mode, VS Mode and Training Mode. Another features is 17 playable characters (plus one hidden), new storylines, combos, and of course soundtracks. This final version was published on Comiket 80 2011.

Mayonaka Mayoiga - The First Part

In a cold night you walk alone through the forest without knowing there's a mysterious eyes lurking in the darkness. Your feet finally stopped in a mysterious old house. Could there be a hidden mystery?

Mayonaka Mayoiga is an escape adventure game which recounts of your struggle to escape from a mysterious house by collecting available clues. This is a XNA based game and set in gorgeous 3D graphics. Before playing make sure you have at least Microsoft. Net Framework 2.0 and XNA Framework 3.1 already installed. Mayonaka Mayoiga is the second game from Japanese developer CAVYHOUSE which was released on August 2011.
Download Link

Touhou KenKai - Mahjong Queen's Crown

A mysterious figure called "R" send an invitation to Mokou to compete in mahjong game. Now player's task is to aid Mokou obtain the highest score in 4 round of mahjong battle. If successful then Mokou can continue her journey and one step closer to reveal "R" identity. If fails then game will ends and Mokou will be hanged in Reimu's temple. Touhou KenKai - Mahjong Queen's Crown is an adventure mahjong game which was released on Reitaisai 8 2011.
Download Link

Doujin - Smash Touhou

Gensoukyou in danger! The sacred pill has gone and made monsters out of control! In Smash Touhou you'll play as Reimu Hakurei or Keine Kamishirasawa. There are only two game objectives: "Rescue People" where you must save victims from monster and "Stop Generators" where you must destroy the box containing the gold. Each mission is limited by time and the number of enemies will increase each wave. Player will use keyboard to move and mouse to aim and shoot.
Download Link

Stella Vanity 

Stella Vanity is a very promising SHMUPS with huge potential. At first, without clear reason this project was suspended. Even at the official site, there's no trial can be downloaded. The story in this game is uncertain, but player will recognize Touhou's bullet patterns style. In visual effects, Stella Vanity superior even from Exceed series where player will facing beautiful explosion scintillation effects. In this preview version 2 characters and 3 solid levels are selectable. If no more delay, the full version will be launched at Comiket 81 on 2012. 

Misuzu to Chiruno no Youkai no Yamadai Bouken Akushongemu

In this game you'll as duo Hong Meiling and Cirno in a 2D beat em' up action game. Throughout the game players can be switch characters (by pressing shift button). This ability is needed because the characters have different abilities. To launch special attack player must press specific command that shown on top corner screen. "Misuzu to Chiruno no Youkai no Yamadai Bouken Akushongemu" was one of the most anticipated fan fiction Touhou game from Honya 2. This game was published on Comiket 80 2011.

Touhou Invaders

Touhou Invaders basically is remake from old game called Space Invaders. Player will choose between Hakurei Reimu or Marisa Kirisame. Just like the original version, player is required to shoot the fairies that are lined up and keep moving down. For protection, player can survive behind 4 shield barriers that will expire if hit by too many bullets. In addition to bullet hell, player should fight against the bosses before proceed to the next level. Tips: to switch into full screen press F4. 

RefRain - Prism Memories

3 years has passed after their first trial in Comiket 75. In this final version player will get all features such as characters and stages. To play this game, player must have at least Microsoft Net Framework ver. 4 installed. To gain full access in config menu, player is advised to change their PC's language into Japanese locale. This game also compatible for Microsoft Windows 64 bit. "RefRain - Prism Memories" was released on Comiket 80 in 2011.

Imouto Life

Imouto Life recounts the life of Taichi, a clever young boy but not really good in girls matter. Your job is to help Taichi overcome his "serius problem" to get his dream girl. Imouto Life basically is a comedy dating sim game which still related to another Doramusuco's game called "Imouto Wife." Since this is a flash game, player must have flash player (such Macromedia or Adobe) already installed. Also, it is recommended change your OS language into Japanese before playing. Imouto Life was released on Comiket 80 2011. 

Download Link

Koi Gensou Sato - The World of Unrecognizable Disaster

"Koi Gensou Sato" or "We Love Gensoukyou" is an adventure that combined with trading card game. Besides it's original gameplay, this game also has very good artwork. Before installing, make sure there is an internet connection because the game is asking to download several files. Also, before playing this game you must set your PC into Japanese locale, otherwise the game will not work. "Koi Gensou Sato - The World of Unrecognizable Disaster" was released on Reitaisai 8 2011. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

For Who Love Japan Game
Installation Notes
The game listed in this page are PC games and works on Windows platform.

Since the games mostly come from Japan, you have to set your computer to support Unicode (or Japanese character set). Here’s what you have to do (This instruction is done using Windows 7 platform):

  1.  Go to the Control Panel and click Clock, Language, and Region
  2.  Click Region & Language
  3.  Go to the Administrative tab and click on the Change System Locale
  4.  In the System Locale, change the current system locale to Japanese


This is a game made in fighting maker 2nd, it features characters and music from the Tales JRPG series.
It's difficulty is pretty brutal even on easy,But once you get hang of the basics an learn a few Hi-ougis (special moves)it's not that bad, it just have a steeper learning curve because ,it's a bit different than a lot of fighters out there.The roster includes:
Lloyd, Zelos, Presea and Regal from Tales of Symphonia.
Luke, Guy, Jade, Anise, Gelda and Synch from Tales of the abyss.
Stahn, Leon, ETC ( hehe,You Can See The Picture) ^^.

update patch v.5.503:

Doujin Game: Magical Battle Arena - Fighting

This game is developed by Fly-System and it’s an aerial platform fighting game. In other word, you always have an on-the-air battle arena. Not only that, it is a crossover anime fighting game from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Slayers, Magical Circle Guru Guru, Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara, and other original characters from Magical Battle Arena.
Unfortunately, I haven’t found an English patch for this and the patch or extensions provided just adds characters for the Survival mode. However, it is not a big problem since it is a fighting game. 
You only have to mash the button to defeat all your enemies.This game, I think, pretty much resembles Psychic Force battle system if you ever play that kind of game.
Download Link:
Official Website:

Doujin Game: Oreyome Taiken - Adventure

This is a beat’em up style of game that combines many popular female characters from popular anime. You can choose between a roster of Shana, Haruhi, Hiiragi, Yoko, Miku, and other characters.
Each character has their own attack move and special move extending from close to long range attack. Also, unlike other ordinary beat’em up game, Oreyome Taiken employs leveling system as gold system for you to  buy equipment and accessories to enhance your stats much like Ragnarok online which coincidentally a lot of the enemies come from Ragnarok Online.
Too bad there is no English patch for this game, but information which is crucial is kept in English such as stats information. Also, I can’t find any video of it on Youtube so I hope screenshot will be sufficient for you.

Doujin Game : Crucis Fatal FaTe - Fighting

Crucis Fatal Fake is a 3D fighter whose cast is entirely made up of characters belonging to Type-MOON's Fate/Stay Night & Fate/Hollow Atraxia. Though not as well known as some other Doujin fighters, Light's continues to provide patches that balance the gameplay and add new content such as new characters, stages, and music.The game follows the Fate and Heaven's Feel paths of Fate/Stay Night. When you begin an arcade mode the path you take is automatically decided by your character combination. 

The story is completely absent from gameplay as you simply fight your character's enemies in whichever respective path they take. The game put emphasis on every fighting game aspect except for creating combos creating an incredibly unique fighting game experience. 

Download: CRUCIS7-4.7z

Doujin Game: Battle Moon Wars

Another crossover anime game for today’s Doujin Game feature is Battle Moon Wars. As you can see from the title, this game employs the same gameplay as Super Robot Wars. The main difference is that the characters are from Type-Moon series. So you will get to control characters from Fate Stay Night, Fate Hollow Ataraxia, Fate Zero, Melty Blood, Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, Kara no Kyoukai, and a couple of original characters.
If you haven’t played Super Robot Wars yet, it is a super-deformed tactical Role Playing Game (RPG) where you take turns in placing your characters to defeat your enemies (Pretty similar to playing chess).
People who are a fan of Type-Moon series should play this game.

And to make things more convenient, I found the English patch version and it doesn’t have to be installed. You just have to extract from the RAR archieve and click the executable file to play.

Doujin Game: Touhou Pocket War Evolution

RPG-type of game that’s mainly text-based with a twist of Card Game in it for the fighting system to be more precise…
You play as the main Character, who’s a Touhou-obsessed Otaku and was eagerly awaiting a Card-Game that uses Gacha-Figurines…
It features quite a lot of the girls up ’til Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism and there also is a EVO+ expansion that includes the whole cast of Touhou Seirensen ~ Unidentified Fantastic Object, but sadly there isn’t a translation patch for it, so it would just revert back to being japanese if you use that,The target of the game is to save Gensokyo alongside Marisa and the others,

Get the girls to like you by defeating them and giving them presents and also to collect all Spellcards and Outfits for your Gacha-Figurinecollection…
Patch v1.07:
English Patch: (needs v1.07)
Official Website:

Doujin Game: Vanguard Princess - Fighting

This is another fighting game but perhaps suited for you who loves bishoujo. The characters are basically all girls, some with exceptionally large breast (I’m beginning to feel a leering presence of drool and nosebleed). This fighting game employs a support partner system where each main fighter can call for a partner support to do a combo move.
So far, I haven’t found any English patch for this particular game. The game itself is on the 8th version featuring additional characters to be played. And did I forget to mention that there are also a lot of Loli characters in this game? Ou, I guess I also get your attention on the game, huh, loli lover?
Another point worth mentioning is that when Sou-chan test this game, the movement control is a little bit awkward.
It is placed on the key f, g, h, and t for the directional button. You can change the control of the character by accessing game.ini and modify the key by referring to ASCII character map, but I personally prefer using a joystick (as I always been doing for every fighting game).

Doujin Game: Cloudphobia - Shooting

Cloudphobia is a shooting game where you get to control a Gundam-like robot and slay everything that is coming your way. You also get to choose between two modes of attacking, either with a gun or a sword.
What is a little bit annoying about this game is that you have an invisible mothership to protect on your left. So you can’t let too much enemy pass you as they can harm the mothership and you will lose once the health of the mothership has depleted. Another nuisance on the gameplay is that not only you have to pay attention on enemy bullet or attack, .
There are several stage which requires you to reach the boss in a specific time limit You will be equipped with a jet boost on your leg and you have to hurry before the time runs out. Lastly, the graphic of this game is really stylish and so beautiful to enjoy (why dodging every enemy bullets,).

Doujin Game: Ether Vapor - Shooting

Another shooting game but this time you get to control a plane with 3 modes of shooting: straight, spread, and lock. Each of this shooting mode has their own charged state. If you hold down the spread shot button until the charged state is full, you will unleash a barrier shot which can damage the surrounding enemy and protect yourself from enemy’s projectile.
Not only that, the game introduces many angle changing scene so you won’t just have a stage from sideview but also from bird’s eye view and many other (You will get what I mean once you have watched the video). I guess this feature kept me off from feeling bored.
Another important point to add to this game is that it has a cool soundtrack. I always humming to the song whenever I play this game and pretend I’m playing the piano while actually I’m having a hard time dodging the enemy bullet.
Download Link: http://familyofvillains.rar
English Patch:

Doujin Game: Master Burner Climax - Adventure

If you have already get a hand on Touhou’s 2D shooting game and master the game, it’s time to move to a 3D dimension shooting. In this game, you will be controlling Marisa Kirisame with her rocket-propelled broomstick and make through your way to a 3D surrounding stage. You will be equipped with a machine gun and missiles to destroy everything in sight.
Throughout the stage you can upgrade your weapon or your rocket booster which may help you defeat the stage easier. It is a very good idea to equip yourself with a joystick for this particular game because you will need all the agility you can get from your playing.
Basic control on the keyboard is you use A, S, D, W for your directional move and ←, →, and ↓ for shooting machine gun, missiles, and breaking.
If you are still wondering of the graphic quality of this game, just check the video as usual.
 Download Link: http://masterBurner.rar